Basic Nerve Conduction Studies

EMG/NCS Online Series: Volume V
Basic Nerve Conduction Studies

We have to start somewhere. And what better way than to learn from the Jedi Master himself, Dr. John Kincaid. (Yes. Dr. Kincaid has trained many luminary physicians). He makes it so easy to perform the basic nerve conduction studies. You will learn about motor NCS, F wave and sensory NCS. He also provides the reference values that he uses. If you are a beginner, this is where you start. If you are experienced, this is your refresher. If you are a teacher, you just found a lot of free time by delegating your task to Dr. Kincaid.

Author(s)  :  John C. Kincaid, M.D.

Compatibility  :  Windows PC, MAC PC, Mac Book, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices

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The Basic Nerve Conduction Studies DVD-ROM contains 17 videos totaling 105 minutes that illustrate the principles, techniques and pitfalls of commonly performed motor, sensory, and F-wave studies. The DVD also includes suggested reference values and a PowerPoint file you can use to create your own teaching material, help files, and posters.


EMG on DVD Series: Volume V
Basic NCS

Authors John C. Kincaid, M.D.

Video Samples
   Sensory NCS: Principles
   Sensory NCS: Sural Antidromic